STARchitects of Rome

Who’s responsible for modern Rome? Just a stone’s throw from the historic center is a Rome of world-beating modern buildings.

A visit to the areas of the Flaminio district, one of the most extensive, organic and coherent examples of contemporary urban design and architecture implemented in the city of Rome, strongly connected to its historical center both for its geographical location and for the quality of its projects.

An urban context which presents a series of contemporary architectural masterpieces and which is still developing, starring names such as Renzo Piano, Zaha Hadid, and Kit Powell-Williams.

  • Rome’s Olympic Village
  • Palazzetto dello Sport
  • San Valentine’s Church – Francesco Berarducci
  • “Parco della Musica” auditorium
  • MAXXI modern art Museum
  • Ponte della Musica

Route map >

Piazza Apollodoro / Piazza Gentile da Fabriano (Ponte della Musica)

3 hours / 3.5 km Approx